Nini Wacera on Set in Nollywood – PHOTOS

February 18, 2014

niniThe thing about growth is that there comes a time when you no longer fit in your comfort zone. There is always a better pay, a better opportunity or even a better working environment. For Nini Wacera, that place is Nollywood.
The veteran actress is currently in Nigeria working on a movie with Nollywood big wig Femi Branch. Nini is ecstatic not only about the project but also about Nigeria.
“I love Nigeria! The experience is intense and high pressured. The directors are very keen on what they need to achieve and I am amazed at the fact that they have mastered the art of easy storytelling, low production costs and high turn over. They love to work under pressure and my time shooting Kona prepared me for this. But there’s still time for an ice cream with my compatriot actress Lizz Njagah!” she said
Take a look at the following photos of her on set.

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