VIDEO – Trailer of Luo Movie ‘Mos Kode’

February 19, 2014

theatreThe movie industry in the country has continued to grow year after year. With Kenya boasting with over 40 tribes, some stakeholders are now producing vernacular movies, with the Kikuyu language seemingly leading.
The Theatre Production in partnership with 3dAfrica, has released a luo movie dubbed Mos Kode. According to a press release, Mos Kode and other soon to come luo movies will be based on the cultural and flamboyant lifestyles the luos are said to lead.
“We intend to produce at least one movie per month with Mos Kode as the pilot project. Mos Kode is keen on bringing back the East African audience from Nollywood and any other ‘woods’ to its nearest ‘wood’ that offers a reflection of his or her way of life: ancestral skeletons, the supernatural, love, jealousy, triumph, pride and culture among others.”
The movie cast includes renowned actors and actresses Joan Arigi (Mali), Asante Rading Colling, Eileen Kenya, Steve Ochogo and Angela Nancie.
Watch the trailer below.

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