Kenyan Actor Now Serving In The US Army

February 21, 2014

actorKenyan actor Kevin Yator is now serving in the US Airforce.
In 2009 Yator applied for the green card lottery and on March 2010 received a letter from the U.S State department notifying him that he was successful. He was one of 3000 selected.
I was in search for better opportunities and my cousin who was in living in the U.S, encouraged me to pursue a track scholarship.”
She also said I should apply for the visa lottery. So in 2009 I went into a cyber cafe and applied,” Yator said.
Yator acted in TV series The Team that aired on Citizen TV.
Speaking of difficulties growing up, the actor revealed that lost his mother when he was in senior high school forcing him and his brothers to find places to live.
I moved in with a friend of mine and started theatre acting,” said Yator. “I began acting on a popular drama series called The Team, which was created in response to all the violence during the elections.”
Yator became a US citizen in August 2012, and is now stationed at Barksdale Air Force Base, L.A.

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