lupitaMost of us got to know her for her roles in Shuga and the award winning movie, 12 Years A Slave. She has been on many TV interviews and graced several magazine covers. However, here are five interesting things about Lupita I bet you didn’t know.
1. Her middle name is Amondi.
2. She is an award winning film director. She directed a short documentary on Albinism in Kenya that won first prize at the Five College Film Awards back in 2008.
3. She has an undergraduate and a masters degree in Film.
4. She also directed ‘ little things you do’ by Wahu featuring Bobby Wine. The video was nominated for the Best video in MTV’s Music Awards.
5. Her supporting role in 12 Years A Slave has won her 29 awards and counting. She is hopeful she will win an Oscar for the same role at the Academy Awards scheduled for March this year.