Inspekta Mwala In Trouble, New Police Drama Coming Soon

February 25, 2014

afandeIf you thought Citizen TV’s Inspekta Mwala was last police television series you’ll see in Kenya, you may be interested to know that producers of Hekaya za likobe have come up with Afande.
Jirongo Luyali – writer, director and producer of the show has said it will not be business as usual for Inspekta Mwala.
“I know many people will say that I have photocopied Inspekta mwala, but I assure the audience that afande is totally different from mwala.”
“We have fresh and talented cast members and every episode of our show will be bringing out something new. We will not be predictable and will give the viewer a reason to follow our series. We are also going to showcase the real Kenyan police. Talk of arrogance, ignorance, humor and laughter; it is all in afande,” he was quoted by Ghafla!
The reason to why I came up with this show is because I felt that the latter show does not bring out the real Kenyan police intrigues,fun, life. We will also focus on the police lives out of work. Here, we will highlight what goes on in their homes and how they relate with their families,” he added.
Check out teaser of  ‘Afande’

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