Former TPF Star Alvan Commends Museveni For Signing Anti Gay Law

February 26, 2014

alvanFormer Tusker Project Fame contestant Alvan Gatitu has come out to commend Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni for signing into law the anti gay bill.
The bill had caused quite a stir internationally with American president Barack Obama particularly against it. Here in Kenya, demonstrations were held on Sunday in Nairobi, spearheaded by maendeleo ya wanaume supporting Museveni and urging Kenya’s president to follow suit.
The TPF star shared his thoughts on his Facebook page, saying Museveni has saved his nation.
A nation begins in a family if we cannot safeguard our families we do not have a nation.
Same sex relationships are killing the very fabric of our nation.
A family is what God designed it as a father a mother raising two adorable children in the fear of the Lord with a chihuahua and a nice picket fence nice evenings on the front porch with children playing mom against dad by taking sides as they learn they are not worth much without both sides in harmony.
And in children stories my dad can beat your dad, not my dad #*!&€….. I Good Lord I can’t even say it.

Museveni you did what you did to save your family Uganda from madness,”
Do you support Museveni?

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