Flappy Bird Cheats and Hacks

February 10, 2014

flappyFlappy Bird is a simple yet extremely addictive and difficult game, from developer Dong Nguyen, which involves tapping a fluffy bird in a Mario-esque environment, taking it safely past numerous pipes.
Many players have devised ways to smoothen the problem of not getting high scores, by bringing in cheats and hacks for the game.
Even we find the pursuit to find high scores in Flappy Bird as a valid one. So here are some tricks and tips which will increase players’ chances of making a better score in the game without hacks:
1. Relax – Since the game is rather difficult, and the player is likely to even fail to pass through two pipes in the initial stages, they need to relax after a quick end to the game.
2. Be calm – Players need to be calm and composed while playing this game, since thinking too hard will harm their performance.
3. Breaks – Help yourself with breaks so that there is no strain for your eyes. After around eight straight deaths, put the phone/tablet down and take a break.
4. Do not tap needlessly – Players just need to tap the screen lightly and not mash it. The trick is in being quick and making light, correct taps.
5. Flow – The game boils down to how long you can concentrate. Keep the flow going.
6. Rhythm – Players need to maintain a rhythm for the game. Make use of music and sync yourself with it while playing.
7. Remove the screen cover and any casings – This will help in better sensitivity of the screen. However, do not remove it, if you are not comfortable holding the phone without it.
8. Play on a big screen device – The game gets more complicated on small screen devices, as the fingers will cover the screen; so a bigger, tablet-like screen helps in greater clarity.
9. Win Medals – Note that players will get bronze if they score 10 points, silver for 20 points and gold for 30.
10. Give up and Start Fresh – In case you cannot win even after numerous attempts on the same day, stop and start fresh the next day.
Hack to make a high score on Android devices
Players need to hack their Android device before they begin with the following procedures. It is also necessary that they download ES File Explorer from theGoogle Play Store. Now reinstall a new copy of Flappy Bird game. Once you do this, run the game again to earn a high score of atleast one. Now close the game and follow the following procedure, according to Droid Report.

  • Open ES File Explorer and navigate to the Tools menu.
  • Enable “Root Explorer.”
  • Navigate to /device, then /data.
  • Within the /data folder, navigate to a subfolder also named /data.
  • Locate the Flappy Bird file and open it.
  • Open shared_prefs and FlappyBird.xml.
  • When prompted, select ES Note Editor. Navigate to “edit.”
  • Enter whatever score you want.

Hack your iOS device and get unlimited high score
In order to perform this hack suggested by YouTube user ohGelato, there is no requirement of any jailbreak. However, players must make sure that the game is running on the device (via Latin Times).

  • Download one of these modified atlas.txt files. [Use this if you want pipes appear but you can go through them http://cl.ly/TdsF. Use this if you want a little line instead of the whole pipe – http://cl.ly/TdJy]
  • Download iExplorer (When the registration screen comes up, click “Continue with Demo”), next, connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer.
  • Now open iExplorer, and search through your apps for “flap.app” once you find it open “flap.app.”
  • In “flap.app” search through your files for one named “atlas.txt.” Next click on “atlas.txt” and in the right hand screen you’ll see a bunch of text/code.
  • Change the view to thumbnail mode, then drag the new atlas.txt file you downloaded right into the iExplorer screen with all the other thumbnails.
  • You will be prompted to replace the file. Replace it.

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