Despite Driving a Range Rover Sport, Helicopter’s Pastor Wahome Says He Earns Only Sh40,000 a Month

February 17, 2014

heliPastor Thomas Wahome has come out to refute claims that his job has made him filthy rich. He blames his ex wife for all the misleading reports about his alleged earnings, in the region of millions of shillings per month. Speaking to Nairobi News the pastor said he earns a modest Ksh. 40,000 per month.
The Church committee, which controls all the finances, pays me a meager Shs 40,000 per month which is enough to sustain my lifestyle.”
The money doesn’t come to me, it is collected by the chairman of the church every Friday and Sunday and used to buy food and personal effects for the elderly and the widowed in our church,” said the pastor.
Allegations by his former wife in a divorce court battle revealed that the pastor got up to 500 visitors a day and each one was required to part with Sh 10,000. Most recently, reports surfaced that he was charging church members Sh 3,600 to reveal to them if their name was in the book of life. He denied that too.
He says he has had to deal with a lot of people calling him a conman, but maintains his followers believe him.
A lot of people have been sending me abusive short text messages on my phone asking me why I am conning people. But my followers know the truth. They know I am not a conman,” he said.
Pastor Wahome drives a Range Rover Sport and is said to have several other expensive cars in his name. He however says that the church owns and fuels the vehicles for his use.

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