Ringtone: Jimmy Gait Did Not Have To Fly To South Africa For His Makekes Video

February 17, 2014

When Jimmy gait released the video for his track with Papa dennis, Makekes, he came under a lot of criticism for the amount of money he allegedly spent to make it. It was reported that it cost upwards of Sh2 million for the production.
Many people felt the video was too lavish and materialistic for a gospel. Some gospel Djs in the country are even said to have refused to play it. Jimmy gait however saw nothing wrong, saying he was setting new standards in music production.
Fellow gospel singer Ringtone is however of the opinion that Jimmy Gait did not need to fly all the way to South Africa for a quality video. He said that “any of our top producers could have done the same job, given the same money”
I don’t always agree with Ringtone, but this is definitely true. J Blessing does some really nice work for instance.

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