Citizen TV Cancels Teacher Wanjiku’s Show

February 28, 2014

wanjIn a classic case of bad news too soon, Teacher Wanjiku’s new show on Citizen TV has been cancelled. This is according to a report by Ghafla Kenya. Apparently, the very negative reactions from Kenyans guided the action.
The show premiered last week, after weeks of promos. After its first episode, the station has not ran any further adverts or promos for the show, on air or even on its social media platforms.
According to Ghafla, the show may still air on Citizen, but definitely not during prime time. This will have a big impact on her reach and the money she gets paid. A source at the Citizen said.
It’s good to be honest and bold. We saw the reaction and decided to be honest. The show needs to be reworked. It was given back to the producers and they were asked to return the show to it’s original formatEven Piers Morgan was taken off air when it was realized that things weren’t working. Regardless of the best of intentions, when things aren’t working, they just aren’t.”
I may have been against the idea in the first place, but I honestly never thought Citizen would pull the plug so soon.

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