Caroline Mutoko Blasts Kenyans Yet Again – Stop Being Hypocrites!

February 26, 2014

caroline mutokoMavuno church has come under huge criticism following their blurred lines ‘sexy’ poster. There has been mixed feelings with most people thinking that Mavuno church went too far on this one. Kiss 100  Big Breakfast show host Caroline Mutoko is of a different opinion. She weighed in on the issue via her facebook page.

The issues that stand to be discussed under the banner “Blurred lines” are crucial, more so today than ever.
To those who like to pretend to be more christian than others, allow me to say this. get over yourself, get over the legs of that lovely lady and look at the content to be discussed and stop being a modern day Pharisee on social media.
Popular conceptions/mis-conceptions of our Lord tend to soften him up and send a message that Jesus was someone who never caused a stir or upset anybody but was loved and adored by all. Nope, this was the man who hang out with lepers, sinners and prostitutes.
In fact, Jesus was hated by most and came into conflict with almost everyone he interacted with.
Nowhere is this more obvious than in his encounters with the religious leaders of his day. Jesus stirred up trouble by healing on the Sabbath day and not keeping the traditions of the Pharisees such as hand washing. He made a point of exposing the hypocrisy and self-serving behavior of the Pharisees. Sound familiar, doesn’t it 
Get over yourself, get over the legs, drive past the billboard, go to Mavuno listen to the subject matter of the sermon. Have a lovely day and be a quit being a Pharisee with a smart phone 

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