Anita Nderu And Dj Joe Mfalme Deny Dating Rumour

February 18, 2014

anitaLast Saturday, Anita Nderu turned heads when she showed up at Changes club with popular deejay Joe. Instantly, rumours started circulating that the two were dating but both have come out to deny.
Speaking to the Star,  DJ Joe said he has a girlfriend and it’s definitely not Anita.
“Some people in this city are so idle. They will look for just anything to start unfounded rumours about just anybody. For heaven’s sake, Anita and myself are workmates. There’s nothing more between us. Those spreading such lies are nothing but rumourmongers. I have a girlfriend and it’s not Anita.”
The former Teen Republic host Anita echoed his words and even went ahead to explain their relationship and how she got to ride with Joe to the club.
“I normally leave the office at 10pm, the same with Joe. On the said day, it happened that we had been invited to attend the same event. So we just decided to ride in his car to the event. There is absolutely nothing happening between us. I have a boyfriend and he isn’t Joe Mfalme.”

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