10 Things You Did Not Know About Comedian Dr. Ofweneke

February 25, 2014
of1. He is scared of hairy women and those with big feet.
2. If he was not a comedian, he was destined to be a lawyer
3. He has a big crush on American actress, Meagan Good
4. When he was 12 years old, he fought with a baboon as he took care of maize and groundnuts on their farm. To date, he doesn`t remember who was the winner.
5. He is best friends with his step-mom, who raised him up and who he loves to death.
6. Ofweneke does not eat cabbage or beans.
7. His favourite quote is “When you fart be prepared for the smell.”
 8. His favourite trouser has a zip that keeps on unzipping even when he is doing a show or on a date.
9. He was pushed into comedy by his former high school principal after various complaints of notorious noise making.
 10. Ofweneke sleeps with the lights on, he is scared of darkness.

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