Teacher Kilunda Angered By ‘Death’ Rumours

January 29, 2014

kiluinda 5Barely a week after former powerful cabinet minister Nicholas Biwott was killed on Twitter, another high profile individual was taken through the same road.
Tahidi High actor Ted Kitana (Teacher Kilunda) was yesterday upset by rumours of his death. It all started after news that he had been arrested for drunk driving, and somehow the reports changed to his passing on rumours.
Kilunda took to Facebook to confirm that he was as alive as ever.
“I’m not dead as rumor has it…” he wrote in one post.
A while later, he published another post.
I love social media… One day your dead the next you are all over the news on other propaganda. Negative publicity is good publicity.. Lets have a field day good people…

kilunda 2

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