Rapper Mustafa Speaks Out on Marya Becoming a Lesbian.

January 24, 2014

musRapper Mustapha and girlfriend Marya were once the power couple of Kenya’s entertainment industry. They were something like Kanye and Kim Kardashian. However, like many celebrity relationship, they broke up.
The break up seems to have taken a toll on singer Marya than it did to Mustapha. Last week, she revealed that she’s contemplating being a lesbian.
Hero radio’s Branu called them to find out more. ¬†Marya confirmed the reports saying that she was fed up with Kenyan men. She said that Kenyan men are not ready to settle down, they just want to play around.
Speaking on the matter, Mustapha joked about saying that Marya could not find a man like him and that is why she decided to become a lesbian.
Asked what she thought about his comments, Marya said that Mustapha has always been very proud. ” He thinks that he is God and there is no one like him. She went ahead to say that unlike Mustapha, she was not sleeping around.”
Listen to the conversation here.

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