Lupita Replies To Love Letter From Blogger

January 24, 2014

lupOn Wednesday, a female blogger, Awesomely luvvie, wrote Lupita a letter telling her how much she loves her work, sense of style and everything. The letter is titled, ‘Dear Lupita Why did you Have to Slay Us So Effortlessly?”
It basically talks about Lupita’s beauty and how she is everything most of us aren’t. The blogger calls Lupita a goddess and talks about how smart she is. She is also praised for keeping her dark complexion and complemented for her current relationship with actor Jared Leto.
It happens that Lupita read the letter and sent her thanks to the blogger, whose real name is Luvvie Ajayi.
She could not hide her excitement, even hinting that she will visit Kenya.
Here are the tweets.



She then took to facebook and wrote that Lupita has made her even more popular and now even more people are reading her blogs.
Luvvie is an award winning blogger and digital strategist . She covers pop culture, TV, movies, politics and technology. She is also the head of, a site that compiles funny tweets.

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