Momo Singer Murimi Wakahalf Accused Of Being A Conman.

January 24, 2014

momoPopular kikuyu singer Murimi Wakalf has been accused of being a conman. Murimi Wakahlf is famous for his song ‘Momo’ which is about a plus size woman.

Reginah Muthoni

According to Thika based event promoter Reginah Muthoni Njoroge, the kikuyu singer failed to show up for a gig on 31st  December last year. This was after she paid him a down payment of Ksh 20, 000. She has tried contacting Murimi for a refund to no avail. She contacted Facebook blogger Cabu Gah and gave this story.

My name is Regina Muthoni Njoroge.I am a single mother. And I work as a waiter at Bubbles Restaurant along Thika Road.I also hire out MY sound system as my side hustle…I have a P.A system which I hire out or use to organize events and make a tidy sum for myself….to help boost my paltry salary as a waiter.
And on December 27th last Year,I contacted popular Kikuyu Musician Murimi wa Ka-Half to come perform at Bubbles Club on December 31st.
Murimi wa Ka-Half is popular for the HIT song MOMO…..the song that glorifies the physical attributes of an extremely HUGE woman…whom he calls MOMO.
Now,I wanted Murimi to perform at Bubbles Club on 31st Dec as part of our END YEAR Bash.
Murimi said He would be available. And even asked me to make and distribute posters….which I did.
And then he charged Me Ksh.50,000 to perform ALL NIGHT for OUR patrons….And because I was the one organizing the event,NOT the club management, I was the ONE to pay him up.
And Murimi asked me to send him Ksh.20,000 as down-payment.
Now,I had spared some little money for my son’s 2014 school fees in the bank and that’s the money I went,withdrew and sent to Murimi via MPESA.
And I still have our MPESA records.
I sent a cool Ksh.20,000 to Murimi on 27th Dec. And he received the money,called Me up,thanked Me and told Me,”tuonane 31st….”
I said,”sawa….”
I continued publicizing the event through posters….road shows and what not.
It was going to be a HUGE gig. And people were excited about it.
But on 31st….Murimi went off!
I couldn’t contact him. I tried and tried and tried….BUT Murimi had disappeared on Me!!!
My heart sank!!!
I had been conned! I had been duped by a popular Kikuyu superstar! I couldn’t believe it.
People were still pouring into the club….more people were coming in…it was now almost Midnight,almost time to cross the Year to 2014….BUT MURIMI wa Ka-Half was still Mteja.
The Man I had paid Ksh.20,000 from MY OWN ACCOUNT to come and entertain our patrons had GONE MISSING.
I was conned.
The Manager was mad at Me,owner of the Club was mad at Me,the crowd was mad at Me. I was even mad at myself.
I was called a con woman. A fake promoter.
Yet I was INNOCENT! And Murimi was the culprit here.
Since then I have tried ENDLESSLY to get Murimi to refund My hard-earned cash BUT Murimi HAS refused.
When I call him,He always laughs hard…saying, “Elfu ishirini ni pesa kidogo sana Mama..”
And when I threatened to take this story to the Media,he told Me”Wanahabari wote ni Marafiki wangu…hakuna mwanahabari ataandika hiyo story…. Unajua niko na contacts ngapi za wanahabari wewe???”
Then he laughed….and HANG UP!!! AGAIN!
I am in pain. Deep pain.
I used MY son’s school fees hoping to make a PROFIT. And now My son may be sent home ANY day….
I an just a waiter. A hotel waiter. Nothing Much.
I dont make MILLIONS like Him. All I want is MY Ksh.20,000 back. Just that.
He has already destroyed My name and my reputation by failing to show up for the concert,NOW ALL I want is MY MONEY back.
It could be NOTHING to him BUT its EVERYTHING to Me.
Guys,this is his Number, HELP ME DEMAND for MY MONEY….
And in case there is a lawyer here who can offer me FREE COURT services,please contact Me.
I cannot afford to pay a LAWYER and I am requesting for one who can represent Me in court for FREE….PLEASE contact Me via…
All I want is justice. And my MONEY back.
Just that.
Help Me People.

 However, the ‘ momo’ singer denied the  allegations on his official Facebook page. He said.
This lady her name iz muthoni 0723201052 claims icond her 20k y dont she b mature enough & contact me or the police insited of writing noses online surely pple am i conman… the story waz i had 2perfomers on her club 31st at thika town i hired instrument 15k drums ,guiter,speakers etc.. i paid 12k posters& banners so i added my money 7k after all she counced the perfomance. so what cound i do ?

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