New VIDEO Shows KDF Looting Mobile Phones at Westgate

January 24, 2014

kdfA new video has emerged showing KDF soldiers ‘taking’ what seems like mobile phones at a Samsung shop inside Westgate. It’s not clear where the latest CCTV footage came from, but the force is said to be scrutinizing the new evidence.
Four soldiers are seen walking around the shop, picking items and passing them to each other. Just two weeks ago, KDF released a report stating categorically that no looting took place during the September Al Shabaab linked terror attack. Previous videos of the soldiers carrying paper bags were dismissed, with KDF saying those were water bottles.
In this latest video, one soldier is seen ransacking the phone display counter, another is seen bending at the counter. One soldier tucks a paper bag under his armpit before proceeding to look at the mobile phones.
Watch it below.

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