Wilbroda Disses a Local Comedian For Going To The Club With a Bouncer

December 19, 2013

Jacquey ‘Wilbroda’ Nyaminde, the queen of Kenyan TV comedy clearly values the people who made her what she is today. Recently, she witnessed a local comedian (who she did not name) display snobbish behaviour in a club, and she wasn’t amused.

On her Facebook page, she wrote: “I happened to bump into a popular comedian friend of mine the other day in a club. He came and said hi very hastily then went and sat at a dark corner not far away from us yet there was space on our table. He had a bouncer next to him and nobody could get close.”

She added, “His reason for this was because he did not want the ‘public’ to disturb him. It just got me thinking the public that you now run away from made you who you are! And if you don’t want public disturbance then open a club in your own house!!!”

Perhaps she should have given a name, so we can all shame him on the comment box below.

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