HILARIOUS – This is How Kenyans Abused Sonko After His Mandela Photoshop

December 18, 2013

Two weeks ago, Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko photoshopped himself with Mandela and posted the pic on Facebook.
The embarrassing story was picked up by major news outlets worldwide, but Sonko neither apologized nor deleted the photo, in fact, he wrote another post attacking his attackers.

Among the attackers were his Facebook fans. Here are some of the comments that followed the photo.

Hapo ndio photoshop imekufikicha!!!!!!

Eee papa unichase roho niwese kumshinda shetani na sonko akifanya photoshop, kidero atafanya photomall

Duuude…must you always cling to relevancy? You look like a 20 bob langa with all this attention whoring. What are you? A senator or a socialite?

this photoshop killed madiba

Now we know who did those photoshops of SONKOSHEBESH!

He suffered from depixelization in his later years. RIP

Photoshop nayo. This is not Manzi wa Nai, nktest

Look at Mandela’s hand- This is the most idiotic picture in the history of photoshop !! eeew you are disgusting

But the photos were funnnier..

No difference between Sonko and this guy

The fu** do they smoke in parliament

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