Forget Chewing Muguka… Miraa Juice Coming Soon To a Hotel Near You

November 20, 2013

Miraa and Muguka chewers in Kenya could soon completely change their lifestyle. 
It will soon be possible for them to enter into a hotel and order a drink of their favourite stimulant.

Due to the closure of some of its export markets, the miraa industry has taken a huge beating, and the wastage in the local markets during the raining season is not helping much. 

In an effort to diversify, the Miraa Traders Association says it is contemplating crushing and processing the plant to make a tea-like powder to widen consumer base.

“We will be unveiling the miraa tea and juice in an effort to bring on board those uncomfortable with the chewing,” said Kimathi Munjuri of Sakijo International.

Sakijo International-which markets miraa locally and internationaly- said changing the perception on miraa and expanding products made from the plant will make it be allowed for clean and decent consumption like any other stimulants in all levels of outlets in Kenya.

“When achieved this will translate to about $100,000 (Sh8.6 million) more daily in sales for the industry and eliminate any wastage completely. We will not even have any to export,” Munjuri said.

Additional reporting by the STAR
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