5 Things You Should Never Discuss on Your First Date

November 20, 2013

You may be an expert on politics or stocks, but that’s not what your date would want to talk about. Here are some such topics that are best avoided when you are trying to impress someone

Marriage and kids
This is, of course, one of the topics that’s likely to send your date running in the other direction. Even if you feel that your date is ‘the one’, keep mum about¬†commitment

Your bedroom score
You may think of yourself as the hottest stud/chic on the block, but don’t talk about your past conquests. If you do that on your first date, it will definitely be your last.

Ex and why
Don’t bore your date with the details of your last relationship and the reason why you broke up. No matter how sympathetic your date may sound, don’t expect him/her to be too interested.

Health issues
Do not complain about your back pain or blood pressure, even if he/she is a doctor. Discussing health issues is a big no-no.

Religious beliefs
Do not comment on your date’s religion or faith. Ensure to avoid any topic that might lead to a debate. It’s not very romantic, you see.

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