10 Things You Did Not Know About Mitch Egwang

November 21, 2013

1. He is a veterinary doctor by profession.

2. He went to Makerere University where he spent 6 years before graduating.

3. He loves playing pool.

4. He does not drink alcohol although he loves spending time with his friends.

5. He runs his own successful marketing company in Uganda dubbed Eclipse Entertainment LTD.

6. He has been on radio for 10 years, having worked as a presenter for three radio stations in Uganda.

7. He has no pet but plans on having 3 dogs.

8. The craziest thing to ever happen to him was the 67 minute blackout while he was hosting TPF 4.

9. He was partly raised in Kenya at Nakuru town to be precise.

10. He is married with two children.


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