VIDEO – Gay Pastor Arrested in Kisumu

October 30, 2013

Yesterday, a male Kisumu based pastor was arrested for sexual harassment, against another man. Eric Osewe, a pastor at Maranatha church located at Manyatta estate in Kisumu, had allegedly been sending romantic messages to a man by the name Walter.
Having had enough, Walter filed a sexual harassment complaint with the police, and a trap was set for the man of God.
The two were to meet in a hotel room.

Unaware, the pastor booked the hotel room, hoping to have some private time with Walter. Police however crushed the party, and the man of God was arrested.
He was later arraigned in court and charged with indecent assault to a male person.

NTV’s Ouka Okusa witnessed the drama.

Of course Kenyans on Twitter had something to say.

That gay kisumu pastor be like “A man cannot live on fish alone” – @Masaku_ 

The gay kisumu pastor was like “All the men present here today praise the Rod?” – @Masaku_

The gay pastor in kisumu, lazima huwa anahubiri akiwa nyuma ya wafuasi wake. – @Njiiru 

Huyo gay pastor wa kisumu angeulizwa angetaka powers kaa za nani angedai Butt Man.”” – @Charloh_ 

That Kisumu pastor was almost Gay-ining followers – @Sakwozy 

That gay pastor in kisumu be like ‘gayniwasekao’ – @iRoy_Le 

This gay pastor is charged for sexual harASSment and he’s from kisumu i bet he’z called HOMOndi – @Lorienga_Gash 

That gay pastor in Kisumu supports his male believers… he is 100% behind them.” – @madkisii

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