Kenyans Hilarious Reactions After Matsanga’s One Man Shouting Match on NTV Last Night

October 14, 2013

Last night, NTV’s Larry Madowo hosted Ugandan peace negotiator, Dr. David Matsanga. This came just a few days after Jeff Koinange hosted him on his show.

Matsanga is very vocal in matters Anti-ICC. He believes President Uhuru should not make an appearance at the Hague based court, because the evidence against him is fake. He says witnesses were coached and paid by the prosecution.

His opinion on the ICC is not exactly unique, but the way he delivers his views separates him from everyone else.
Matsanga has been likened to Miguna Miguna and Francis Atwoli, and rightfully so.

Here is his interview on Jeff Koinange Live.

If you think the JKL interview was loud, then you’ll have to watch the NTV one.. This time he went head to head with Makau Mutua. (Watch it at the end of the article)

Here are some hilarious reactions from Kenyans.

Matsanga is just a “Yesssss” away from becoming Atwoli. – ‏@Gishuvski  

This Matsanga guy looks like some thug i used to see in Dandora called Kamahuha – ‏@GidiOgidi  

Dr Matsanga is just Atwoli reloaded – @keepkoech 

This Matsanga guy is scary as hell…Now we know who has been scaring witness our of the Icc Cases.. –  ‏@Hosea_Ouma 

Someone “prosechute” Matsanga off the NTV studios…lol – @WillyOkumu 

Put Matsanga , Atwoli and Okiya Omtata in the same room with Madowo.”- @njooro 

Okay, this Matsanga fella is Atwoli’s cousin au? – @Eddu_G 

With #NyumbaKumi rule,you wouldnt want to have a loud neighbour like Matsanga,imagine him knocking in ur door and shoutng ur name – @HarryHarey1 

So, i’m watching Citizen TV but i can hear Dr. Matsanga shouting at the NTV studio, SMH! – @OleTiwaine 

It’s all fun and games till Uhuru issues a title deed to Matsanga. – @mainadan 

Apparently Matsanga thinks he’s whispering” – @roomthinker 

Matsanga has not eaten and he is that loud..what about when he is full..his voice breaks the glasses or!” – @kanda_kis 

Ukifungia Matsanga and Atwoli mahali wapige story utafikiria ni demonstration ya students wa UON” – @ThatGalElla 

i wonder what it would be like if there was a joint interview with matsanga and atwoli – @Sir_davechalo 

 irony is matsanga saying do not bring emotions – @Kiri22 

Matsanga talks like his girlfriend is drake. – @BonifaceGitz 

Dr.Matsanga is not happy with the ‘Chief proschuta’,” lol otp – @Mercy_Juma_ 

Matsanga should be proschuted. By the ICC. –  ‏@lenadlm 

Irony: Matsanga telling Larry to calm down. Lol” – @Karareiy 

Dr. Matsanga was a professional mourner in another lifetime… –  ‏@MisterAlbieif I were the one paying Matsanga, I’d require that he uses more brain than he is doing. – @ochyengDr. Matsanga wrote his thesis all in CAPS…” – @laquishia254Matsanga is now interviewing madowo. LMAO. – @masaku_Matsanga looks like he can start beating people up in the studio! – @Hamza_65 

Does this #matsanga guy understand that he doesnt av to be this loud to be heard?  – @ElkanaKimeli 

The S in Dr. Matsanga is silent. – @Robo_96 

Wakas if I usually talk like Matsanga I apolochise, hii ni huchuma. Hata nimeshikwa na situress.” – @Atwoli 

I just switched off my TV but I can still hear Matsanga’s echo. – @MikeObare 

I spent time with Dr. Matsanga in September… You can’t beat him in an argument. – @CaroleKimutai 

Matsanga swallowed the CAPS LOCK button.”♬ROFTL – @gTownPsycho_

And here is Matsanga on NTV.

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