Joey Muthengi Must Improve This Weekend… Kenyans Think She’s a Boring Host

October 18, 2013

Tusker Project Fame season 6 premiered last weekend. We had a few surprises, like Eric Wainaina being the principal, and a good looking stage. 
The absence of Sheila Mwanyigha was not exactly a surprise, as the new host, Joey Muthengi, had been hosting the auditions. 

Apart from the sound technicians, the other person who received a thumbs down from viewers was the new host. Comments on social media were not very pleasing, with most people saying she was boring.

Whether it was her somewhat deep voice, or her evidently little chemistry with Mitch, Joey was completely unable to hype up the crowd. 

Remember, this is not the first time she is facing similar criticism. During the Tusker All Star’s competition, they had introduced a ‘Super fans’ section, which featured Joey and radio personality Vipul. 

A good number of fans complained of how boring that segment was, prompting Ian Mbugua to be introduced to save the day.

This weekend will definitely be a defining moment for Joey. Kenyans will continue to compare her to the ever bubbly Sheila, and perhaps expect her to perform better.

Here are some twitter comments regarding last Sunday’s show.

Joey muthengi is boring as yawning
— Impressed Gooner (@allenochi) October 15, 2013

In other unrelated demands, we want @MissMwanyigha back at #TPF6. This @Joey_Muthengi is extremely boring& unfit for the show. @IanMbugua
— Nyakhufiala (@amerix) October 14, 2013

Is it me or Joey Muthengi is toooo boring to host #tpf6….#just one_ndering….
— Lizz akinyi (@Lizzakinyi1) October 14, 2013

@tpf6_fans. @citizentvkenya Wololololololo joey muthengi is pulling us down she is a boring ptesenter #opetation rudisha sheila.
— Sam Njaraganu (@njaraganusam) October 13, 2013

OMG!!!! This Muthengi chica is so boring and fake!!!!!!! Hii season naona ikiwa the worst so far!
— Kelin Jasmine (@KelinJasmine) October 13, 2013

Joey Muthengi puts BORING in block letters and 3D
— Intellect Mogul (@GicheruGicheru) October 13, 2013

#tpf6 joey muthengi?cute..but boring
— Nixx Gannyra (@gannyra) October 13, 2013

But how will Dr.Mich and Joey Muthengi Match?The latter is boring AF!!
— Benjamin Nkaate (@Nkaate) October 13, 2013

TPF 6 boring without Sheila -Mitch combination. Bring back sheila.
— Stephen Ngacha (@Kimani_Ngacha) October 14, 2013

manze ata afadhali tpf wangechagua amina. Joey is boring lyk 4 real.
— OCTOBER 29TH (@Zjstarbwoy) October 13, 2013

#tpf joey is kinda boring
— Beatch (@Beatohlife) October 13, 2013

I miss the lovely #SheilaMwanyiga hostong #TPF. Joey is BORING!
— WoudNdege (@Jadudi) October 13, 2013

Joey is JUST BORING #TPF6 . OMG #TPF has changed from better to worse
— A_Kelly (@A_O_Kelly) October 13, 2013

#tpf6 sooo boring!! it joey the mc..or erick the principle..something is just not adding up..
— lily namarome (@lilynamarome) October 15, 2013

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