8 Things You Did Not Know About Size 8 and DJ Mo

October 25, 2013
1)      Size 8 and DJ Mo began dating even before Size 8 saw the light and crossed over to gospel music industry

2)     Dj Mo was the one who helped Size 8 see the light

3)     The two dated for about eight months before getting married secretly last month

4)     The two were great friends and even counseled each other often before Size 8 saw the light.

5)     Size 8 decided to quit secular music after Safaricom Live 2012 when she nearly fell into depression. It is DJ Mo who came to her rescue and introduced her to salvation.

6)     The two lovers are so secretive especially when it comes to love matters. Not even their close friends knew of their love relationship.

7)     DJ Mo acts as Size 8’s music manager. He handles all her music business.

8)    They are planning a grand wedding where members of the public will be invited

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