Raila Odinga Junior’s Tribute To Mbugua Mwangi… The President’s Nephew

September 30, 2013

My friend Mbugua Mwangi
i met my friend Mbugua in the summer of 2006, where I was introduced to him by my other friend mwangi kariuki; If my memory serves me correctly it was at village market. from the moment I met Mbugua he came across as a bold yet humble charismatic chap with a huge smile. Mbugua, mwangi and myself quickly became very good friends and from then on I felt we were destined to do a lot of great things together.
I would like to share with you some of the highlights of our times together;
Mbugua shared his independence with when he got his first car were always driving in it together the three of us sharing a good laugh and hanging out, and making big plans…

We had many business ventures together which were always exciting and when we were not at the apartment we would go to uncle mainas home for his family get togethers.
Mbugua as we all know had great taste and I shared the same. when it came to sports we supported the same football team, f1 team and even followed the same riders when watching cycling in short we clicked. It was uncanny how I’d get excited about something I had just seen on tv and want to call Mbugua only to find I had received missed calls from him as he had been watching the same thing and wanted to share. we had a very natural friendship.

But it wasn’t all fun and games, I remember Mbugua for being the most sensitive person ever, Mbugua was there for me when I had lost a friend in 2006, he was very supportive of me advised and saw me through,whether it was in business or personal matters, no matter what he always had my back. Mbugua was that friend who was one’s friend till the end.
Mbugua had never been to western kenya and relished at the opportunity to go with me to kakamega to meet my wife’s family during my marriage negotiations, infact Mbugua and mwangi the hurricane twins we’re so excited about the trip that they overlooked booking their accommodation, they simply grabbed their bags and got on the plane. In kisumu the ladies fell in love with his persona and his light skin tone, and we made fun of how he would be swept away by a local supu.

As my groomsman he was very thoughtful the day before and during my wedding day; he always kept time and I remember how he was more nervous than I was, especially when the drivers were running late to pick up my wife. and I will always remember seeing his face turning pink…
Mostly I remember how Mbugua loved his family, he was always on the phone every other day with his Mum in Ireland checking on her and updating her on what was going on. Mbugua always involved us in his family life; the joint birthdays with female Cousins, eating nyama choma at uncles garage, lunch with his dad captain at Wilson, as well as hanging out and sharing with his male, he always found the time to do all this and included his friends to join along.

Mbugua was a groomsman at Raila Junior’s wedding

My last days with Mbugua will always be fond to me, we met up end of august 2013 at kengeles restaurant Mbugua, kariuki and myself to go watch a football match, Mbugua had been watching a series called “the men who built america”,and he acted out the series for us, he emulated john d Rockefeller and said he would be know as one of the men who built kenya. he shared with us his progress in his businesses and the expansion plans….after the match Mbugua left to go home to be with Rosemary, he had been away the whole day and was missing her, Mbugua loved and cared for Rosemary very much
(To mama Mbugua) I shall remember , honor and cherish the times I spent with my friend Mbugua, my only regret is not having have met him sooner, but I will keep his spirit alive and thank God for letting him be a blessing in my life.
Mbugua mwangi was “exactly what it says on the tin” “A great guy, and a Heart of gold” I will miss you my guy!
Rest in peace baba #weareone

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