VIDEO – Westgate Tenant Surprised To Find Empty Beer Bottles… Did KDF Drink Them?

October 1, 2013
Many Westgate tenants have reported that their business premises were broken into and vandalized. Some say they closed immediately the attack began, meaning they were most probably broken into after.

A jewellery shop lost gold rings worth millions of shillings, a computer shop lost all its iPads and phones, cash was stolen from virtually every store, plus of course Nakumatt reportedly lost all its valuable electronics, including very large TVs.
Fingers have been pointed at the KDF soldiers who went to retake the mall, and the police say they’re investigating.

This video shows a tenant who was surprised to meet empty beer bottles at Art Caffe.. I think the victory party was held there.

UPDATE: Video seems to have some issues, we’ll update as soon as we get another copy.

Meanwhile here are some photos from inside.

Art Caffe: Spot the beer bottles on the table.

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