Does Ole Lenku Deserve Interior Secretary Job??.. Here’s His CV

September 30, 2013

Following his handling of the Westgate terror attack, Kenyans are now asking whether Joseph ole Lenku is the right man for the Interior secretary job.
During his frequent press briefings throughout the duration of the Westgate hostage situation, Ole Lenku gave some very weird answers to some of the questions asked by journalists.
He for instance said that the terrorists were burning mattresses, probably to plot their escape, yet images would later emerge of a collapsed car park; something most probably caused by an explosion.

The cabinet secretary has also continued to deny or refuse to confirm that there are hostages trapped in the rubble, yet the Kenya Red Cross reports that over 60 people are missing. 
While most people understand that government cover ups are sometimes essential, it is the unconvincing manner in which ole Lenku has done it that has left many to wonder whether the former Utalii Hotel manager is qualified to handle such a docket.
Even Mutahi Ngunyi is of the view that he should be moved to a lighter ministry.

For the last few days, the hash tag #OleLenkuStepAside has been trending on twitter… an so has this Curriculum Vitae.

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