AUDIO – Mike Sonko Calls Caroline Mutoko a H0RNY WH0RE on Air

September 5, 2013

This one you wont hear every day…
Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko today attacked Caoline Mutoko and her co-host Chipukeezy during an on-air call. (I think attack is a light word)

This is what happened, Caroline Mutoko had called him to enquire on why he likes giving handouts, and whether his actions serve to benefit the people in the long run. 
She wondered how Sonko can be attacking the government, yet he’s in a position to influence policy. 

At some point during the call, Sonko was not comfortable with Mutoko pressing so much, and went completely defensive. 
The flamboyant senator first wondered whether Mutoko was under the influence of something. “I think you are either under the influence of something…” he said.

He then attacked Mutoko’s lifestyle, saying that the Kiss 100 presenter loves her cigarette. “You are manner-less you also smoke cigarettes all the time!” he said.

Sonko then asked Mutoko what she does with her Sh1 million salary. “Unapata salary of 1 million what do you do with money.” Mutoko denied earning that much though.
At some point, Sonko asked Mutoko.. and I quote, “Who fu**s you?”

After Mutoko, it was Chipukeezy’s turn to receive some bashing from Sonko.

“Hauna right ya kudiscuss daughter yangu in that studio,” he said, referring to the comedian’s references to Sonko’s daughter Saumu, both on TV and Radio.

Sonko then made these closing remarks.
‘Wewe kwenda! Wewe mjinga kumbaff!I am going to deal with you and Chipukeezy” I will deal with you personally! Wewe nyege zako  peleka carnivore na sigara zako huko! 

… loosely translated to, “Take your ‘horniness’ and cigarettes to Carnivore”

Listen to the audio.

Additional reporting and audio by Ghafla
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