On Saturday, as the nation was coming to terms with news that terrorists were taking peoples lives at Westgate, a middle aged man in Kahawa estate was attempting to take his own.

At around 6:30 PM, the man, reportedly accompanied by his wife jumped off the Kahawa Barracks footbridge, falling on the Thika Superhighway tarmac. 
Unfortunately for him, he survived. 
He lay motionless in a large pool of blood for some minutes, before onlookers carried him to sides. Not a single car hit him, despite the road been super busy.

According to witnesses, most of his major parts were broken, plus a severe head injury. After lying on the road side for quite some time, a willing motorist took him to hospital.

Some witnesses said that upon jumping, his screaming wife wanted to follow him down, but was prevented by onlookers. 

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