7 Things You Need To Know About Tusker Project Fame Season 6

August 28, 2013

The most watched reality show in East Africa, Tusker Project Fame is set to return for its 6th season this September.
The organizers are promising a much bigger and better show with improved audience interaction. 
As we prepare to decide whether to watch Teacher Wanjiku or listen to some stars in the making, here are 7 things you should know about TPF6.

1. TPF 6 kicks off this Sunday on Citizen TV, starting with the recordings of the auditions.

2. For the first time ever, the show is open to groups which will compete alongside individuals.

3. There is a new judge and principal. (Details to be revealed soon)… 
**Spoiler Alert!**  – Judge Ian is still around.

4. The show is only open to persons above 21 years.

5. For the first time ever, TPF will have a Star Maker Platform… lets wait and see what that means.

6. For the first time ever, Tusker Project Fame will be taking on a pioneering digital dimension, part of which is talked about in our next fun fact.

7. For the first time ever, the contestant who attracts most social media attention will be rewarded… weekly.

Now we wait and see if EABL will do justice to the hype.

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