Why JUBILEE is Much Better Than CORD

July 30, 2013

By Ngugi Thiong’o

Call it an opinion and by extension a jubilee sycophant’s opinion but nothing can substitute the truth. Cord is made of talkers, naysayers, noisemakers, you mention it; this is a testimony of the conduct by the coalitions’ luminaries and their strongholds. I’m not saying that is good or bad but I’m saying it’s a practice or a norm that they may have adapted and we can’t shy away from the truth as serious men and women.

Let us compare different classes of The Jubilee and Cord Luminaries and strongholds:-
  • Former Prime Minister Raila odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta
Has Raila ever been eloquent is his speech? It is true to say that he always attack an individual other than selling his policies; he’s always complaining rather than liaising with the president for betterment of Kenya as a patriotic citizen- if that term is not an insult.  Uhuru on the other hand is always cool and straight to the point. A peaceful man who believes in negotiations and issue based campaigns.
  • Hon. Jakoyo Midiwo (the leader of Minority) and Aden Duale (the Leader of Majority)
Ever listened to Midiwo being interview on TV? Has he ever been sober or he has always been shouting? Why can’t he drive his point home comfortably without raising emotions in a debate…. Duale on the other hand is funny yes but will always present facts. You’ll never see him shouting at his opponent in a discussion with personal attacks.
  • SC. George Oraro (Cord) and SC. Fred Ngatia (Jubilee)
If you watched the Presidential petition 2013, you’ll bear me witness that Oraro was supporting the inclusion of invalid votes in the final tally. He was also of the opinion that technology failure is election failure. Is that not noise and to make the matter worse, ‘nonsensical noise’. Ngatia on the other hand was cool and sharp. Coherent is his submission.. We’ll not discuss more of this because everyone is a witness.
  • Westerns (Americans and the likes)and the East (China, Japan and the likes)
All of you know Obama and his inspiring speech. His usual gays and lesbians stand. Too much talking – sanctions and threats to independent states. On the other hand: Every heard of Chinese, Japan or Russian President penetrating other countries affairs wildly and supporting Immorality even in national speeches?? Absolutely – no.
  • Wilson Sossion (KNUT-Cord) and Omboko Milemba (KUPPET-Jubilee)
Sossion was demanding a 1997 agreement implementation is year 2013 of which even fools know it can’t make economic sense; Disobeying Court orders… Milemba on the other hand obeyed court order went into negotiations and settled for a deal only for Sossion to accept the same deal. Listen at Milemba talking, cool and sober, what of Sossion???? Ooops, Long story.
  • Lawyer Julie Soweto (Cord) and Lawyer Mr. John Kuria (Jubilee)
These lawyers represented Kethi Kilonzo and Agnes Ndetei respectively in the Claim challenging Kethi’s nomination for Makueni Senate seat. Anything to discuss here? Soweto was noisily, bothersome and wanting to the extent of colliding with the Chairman of the Tribunal as opposed to Kuria who was cool and sharp.
  • Dennis Ole Itumbi (Jubilee) and Robert Alai Onyango (Cord)
Just compare Itumbi’s blogs with those of Alai. Dennis will always post facts though defending the govt but its true but Alai is always a Propagandist whether during the day, in the morning or late in the night. 
  • Citizen TV (Cord) and K24 (Jubilee)
Which is noisier than the other? Where do rumours originate? The less we talk about this the better…. But it’s Obvious, Right?
  • Ballgames (Cord) and Athletics (Jubilee)
Goes without saying
  • Gor Mahia (Cord) and Tusker
Comparing heaven and earth. Hooliganism….
  • Analogue (Cord) and digital (Jubilee)
Which one makes more noise than the other??

Now don’t ask why Dr. Kidero will move to Jubilee gradually and you know very well he’s a cool guy and why Isaac Ruto will go to Cord and you know his mouth can’t be maintained in Jubilee. Call it survival for the fittest..

With tremendous respect to our worthy Cord opponents, Please consider changing your game and also your players. If you can’t win please join them.

No malice whatsoever, it’s a genuine observation.

James Ngugi Thiong’o shared the above piece on his Facebook Page. His opinion does not necessarily represent Nairobi Wire’s opinion.

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