Video – Secret Recording of KNUT and Government Negotiations… Officials Pleaded For Their Safety

July 22, 2013

In this leaked video, acting KNUT Secretary General Mudzo Nzili, is seen negotiating with Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko.

The video is clearly shot from a hidden camera, most probably a phone camera. This is supported by Mudzo’s concern that the media may get information on the meeting, to which Sonko promised to release no press statement. 
Sonko adds that should information get out, he can state they were just having a cup of tea. 
Obviously, Mudzo had not clue they were being recorded.

Sonko’s demands were that teachers must call of the strike. He however clarified that he was not there on behalf of either President Uhuru or Deputy President Ruto.

The secretary general’s demands were simple; protect them from prosecution. 
Sonko told him that as long as the strike was called off, KNUT officials would not be convicted to civil jail.

Curiously, Sonko posted a link to this video on his Facebook page. 
If Sonko had knowledge of the hidden camera, what was his motive? 

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