Video – Johnson Mwakazi Presents Kenya’s Worst TV Ad (Tecno Phantom A)

July 23, 2013

In what will probably go down as Kenya’s worst advert, Johnson Mwakazi is back, this time making not as much sense as last time.

The Citizen TV journalist is the face voice behind Tecno’s new high end phone Phantom A.
Despite the phone having some superb features, comparable to Samsung S3’s, it retails at half the price.
This is however not the centre of Mwakazi’s advert.

I think you just have to watch it to see what I mean.

If you think the ad is awful, you’re not alone. This is what Kenyans are saying about it.

If you were asked to either listen to Mwakazi the whole day or Die what would be your last words? – @Masaku_

Getting Mwakazi to do an Ad for you is like letting Ramos take the penalty. – @Masaku_

Scenes from State House after Landlord-In-Chief watched that Mwakazi video – @ArcherMishale

I’m concerned: Does Johnstone Mwakazi have anyone advising him on his brand? –  ‏@marcusolang

Oh that Tecno Phantom ad by Mwakazi! ROTFLMAO! The agency that did it needs to be banned for life!! – @makodingo

Whaa FAIL!! Donno what Mwakazi is doing!! FAIL! FAIL! – @carolinespencer

That Mwakazi advert is the reason YouTube needs to be screening videos for lack of creativity and possibly herpes. – @crazynairobian

I have just one question, what is Mwakazi meant to be in that video? A phantom or a graduand? – @eXentRic_

Just watched the Mwakazi’s techno commercial and I think it’ll take me a while to fully get over the trauma.” – @AmJoe_

I was to buy the Phantom until I heard that Mwakazi is doing the advert – @mainahralph

After watching the Tecno/ #Mwakazi video, I quit both my day job and evening side hustle! – @ManwaMagoma

Surely that Mwakazi advert sucks. Looks like nigerian star wars  – @suffererdiaries

Eish! First it was Jimmy Gathu jumping out of closets. Now Mwakazi thinks he’s the Phanton of the Opera. – @iammahia

What do you think of the video?

UPDATE: It seems the video has been made private. Apologies as we try to get another copy.
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