As president Uhuru Kenyatta hosts the media breakfast this morning, one big winner is Willy M. Tuva, of Mseto East Africa.
This evening, the popular music show will be live from State House, with artist Jaguar making an appearance. This is the first time an entertainment show, and probably any TV show apart from news, is being shot from the house on the hill.

This was Mzazi’s Facebook post yesterday.

Tomorrow I will be PRESIDENT UHURU KENYATTA’s guest at STATE HOUSE, Nairobi. MSETO fans expect BIG things…..

President Kenyatta has in the past 3 months opened up State House in ways never seen before. From hosting a live press conference, to hosting a media breakfast this morning.
The presidency has also enhanced flow of information, through Uhuru Kenyatta’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and also State House social media accounts.

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