Dennis Itumbi Appointed Director in The Office of The President

July 12, 2013

Blogger, playwright and Social media bigwig, Dennis Itumbi, has this morning been appointed a director in the office of the president.
Going with the title, Director Digital, New Media & Diaspora, Itumbi has pledged to fulfill Jubilee’s digital promise.
Itumbi made the announcement on his twitter and Facebook accounts.

My Appreciation To President Uhuru Kenyatta for appointing me as Director Digital, New Media and Diaspora in the Executive Office Of The President (EOP), I pledge to lead the path in delivering the Digital Promise and to connect the concerns and ideas of Kenyans in the Diaspora and those on the digital space with Government service and the Presidency, So Help Me God! Congrats Manoah Esipisu for becoming the First ever Secretary of Communication….James Kinyua for your new job as Director Brand Strategy, Munyori Boku the New Director for External Media Relations, Edward for being Director Press And Eric Ng’eno Director Research and Speech Writing….Congrats team

I embrace my appointment as Director Digital,New Media & Diaspora,The digital promise will be delivered,So help me God!

Itumbi has been pivotal in Jubilee’s digital presence, and it was said he was part of TNA’s campaign. 
Congratulations on his appointment. 

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