Kenya’s Annabel Evicted From BBA… How Africa Voted

July 29, 2013

Last night, Kenya’s remaining housemate at the Big Brother, Annabel Mbaru, was evicted. Just like every other week, the three East Africa countries, namely: Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, voted to keep Annabel in, but for the first time, three votes were not enough to postpone her eviction.

Zambia’s Sulu also left the house, after the tie breaker rule was applied, he having tied with Elikem. 

This is how Africa voted.
Angola: Sulu
Botswana: Sulu
Ghana: Elikem
Kenya: Annabel
Ethiopia: Elikem
Malawi: Sulu
Namibia: Sulu
Nigeria: Elikem
South Africa: Sulu
Sierra Leone: Elikem
Tanzania: Annabel
Uganda: Annabel
Zambia: Sulu
Zimbabwe: Elikem
Rest of Africa: Elikem

Total: Elikem = 6, Sulu = 6, Annabel = 3.

(Total: 15 Votes)
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