Kenyans Reactions To Death of Tuju Wife’s Lover Tony Ogunda

July 3, 2013

Yesterday, the nation woke up to news that Tony Ogunda, the guy who came between Raphael Tuju and his wife Akinyi, had died.
Apparently, he was found dead on sofa in a house that is incidentally owned by Tuju. This probably marked the final chapter of the Tuju saga, and Kenyans had this to say.

@GidiOgidi – So the house where TUJU wife’s lover was found dead is along a road called MATOMBATO ROAD? eeish interesting”

@RamzZy_ – Rafael Tuju said he was saddened by Ogunda’s death.Dude lying,why be sad when a dude who was giving your wife capital D dies?

@lameckdouglas – Tuju’s wife-lover found dead.thats what you get for sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong

@KalimaniThaMc – Is Tuju’s a case of the last laugh?

@Arthurnyoiks – SMH. Kumbe alikufia kwa Tuju bado? SMH. He deserved to die

@marion_wambui – I always thought Tuju was one of those walk over guys but clearly he found his balls.

@AyshaHajarah_ – tuju’s biological gun maybe shooting blanks, but the other gun didn’t

@ka_remmie – Raphael Tuju, hi5!!

@Ron_oduor – Next time yall go #tujuane ask if the chic is #Tuju ‘s wife….

@oscarmoffa – Kenyan media struggling for an appropriate name for Tony Ogunda. Just call him Tuju’s co-husband.

@walterChiriba – Tunataka ‘TUJU’lishwe nani aliua Tony.

@almartinn – Having an affair with Tuju’s wife #1000waystodie

@MarvinSissey – Condolences #TeamMafisi for having lost their Patron #TonyOgunda who died in the Line of duty.

@sirNdungu – Tuju’s wife alleged lover found dead in Nairobi…Rumour has it that he died peacefully in his sleep due to Old Age!Waaah..

@masaku_ – Tuju’s wife be like “Mungu aiweke mboo yake mahali pema peponi”

Tony Ogunda : I ll catch a grenade for your wife : Tuju : Why don’t you start with a bullet ?

@KamauThomas – Im also sending my condolences to #Tuju for losing a co husband

Tuju to get the 90 days rule after the death of his wife’s clande”

The chap accused of nyemelearing Tuju’s wife found dead in Nrb. As they say ukishindana na ndovu…

TUJU denies oguda’s Amicus application #caseclosed”

Pole sana #Tuju for loosing ur co-husband/partner/helper/assistant,

Too bad Tony Ogunda will not be there to be cherged for trespassing in Mr.Tuju’s wife pants.

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