Kenyans on Twitter React To 90 Day Rule Comment on Tujuane – Hilarious

July 3, 2013

Yesterday, the heavily popular Tujuane on KTN featured a double date. At some point the famous 90 day rule by Steve Harvey popped up.
This triggered a heated discussion on Twitter and this is what some people had to say.

fisis be like”ati 90 days!!!hebu enda ukae hizo 90days zako halafu zikiisha unishtue” #tujuane

lol 90 day rule..a guy will stil shag n leave you after it #tujuane”

90 days rule kwani ni kidonda nangoja ipone #tujuane

Ati 90 days rule? Ok..i respect that. So,it was nice meeting me after 90 days. # tujuane .

90 day rule. The zero is silent #Tujuane”

You wait for 90days to feature on Tujuane then you’re told about the 90 day rule only to find out she doesn’t even shave SMMFH

You can just as easily regret sleeping with someone after 90 days as you can after 1 day #Tujuane

90 days Rule sasa mtu ana tembea na waiting #tujuane

Hizo 90 days naeza bang side chiks hadi nikuwe bored na nikwambie uniwekee ikuwe 900 days #Tujuane“

90 Day Rule?Chic you’re Dark skinned 9 Minute Rule is what you should be talking about. #Tujuane

Who came up with this 90day rule,was there consultation,and what do we do before the 90 days elapse..??smh, #Tujuane

Ati 90 day rule. The only 90 shit I knw is in football”. #Tujuane

ladies have a 90 days no-sex period after meeting; by the time that period lapses your deep in the frend zone! #Tujuane

If you making a dude wait 90 days for the box you deserve to be single!!!#tujuane

As you wait 90 days to get that P she’s getting the D from somewhere else #tujuane

90 day rule? It’s ok cows are edible too, says Kiambu men #Tujuane”

90 day rule then why don’t we just meet on the 90th day b!tch #Tujuane
Hiyo 90 day rule isifuatiliwe hata kidogo. What happened in #Tujuane stays in #Tujuane 

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