Free Entry For Twin Sisters/Brothers at Tonight’s Churchill Show Recording

July 4, 2013
churchill show

Today, Churchill is having a special show where twins will be celebrated. 
Though details over what the show will entail are sketchy, Churchill has called out to anyone with a twin sister or brother to avail him/herself at Carnivore, and the Sh500 entrance fee will be waived.

Though identical twins are easy to identify, it is not clear how the organizers will deal with cases of fraternal one.
These were Churchill’s posts yesterday.

Sasa Kesho, we have ‎#churchillshow twin edition.. If you have a twin, you both get in free! If you know any twins, ask them to join us kesho at Carnivore at 6pm a big suprise awaits you.. If you have a birthday njoo pia and let us know, zawadi for you!

Do you have a twin Sister or Brother? If you do, you both get free Entry to Churchill Show Live Recording Tomorrow if you come together.. The show is dedicated to twins and a surprise awaits you both. Make sure you come. 6pm at Carnivore tomorrow.

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