Jamaicans are Now Killing it With These Names… Now There’s Temple Run Riddim

June 20, 2013

Just when you thought those riddim names could not get any weirder, the Jamaicans have come up with another one. 
For those not with us, a riddim is basically the instrumental accompaniment to a song. With their bad English, they just completely altered the name rhythm.
There are three categories of riddims: Roots reggae, Ragga riddim and Digital riddim. 
Under these, there are different riddim types and in recent years, ragga or dancehall riddim has been king.

A single (dancehall) riddim has many songs, but mostly, only one is popular. Remember Hold Yuh? There were several songs with the same riddim, but only Gyptian’s became a hit.

Over the years, they’ve been coming up with the most stupid names for these riddims. One of the newest ones is called Temple Run Riddim. Yes, that addictive android/IOS game.

Others include:

Gun powder riddim
Gang war riddim
Fly away riddim
First born riddim
Cry baby riddim
Damage control riddim
Adam and Eve riddim
School Fee riddim
Breaking Bad riddim

Now listen to that Temple Run Riddim.


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