What Exactly is a Croissant? Some Kenyans Think It’s an Expensive Beverage.

June 19, 2013
Yesterday and today, Artcaffe has been trending for all the wrong reasons. Apparently, someone tried to buy 8 croissants at one of their outlets but was turned away for being black.

Kenyans have been up in arms following the racism reports, but now, another subject is coming in.. What exactly is a croissant?

Understandably, not many of have seen one, leave alone take it. Some of those who have seen it did not ever think of its name. One person remarked how she refers to it as ‘ile pale’, as she walks past Bakers Inn.
This Facebook post further displayed our ignorance.

And then the jokes followed.

Croissant ni Mandazi imelipa loan yake ya HELB.

Waiter:Anything to drink?

Me:I’ll have a bitter lemon please. Waiter:And you madam?

Her:Errrm, a glass of croissant..on the rocks  Me:*dead*

It’s all fun and games until a chic falsely accuses a waiter for sipping her croissant

#DevelopingStory Luhyas holding demos in Western against the govt for hiding info on new tea called croissant. @ukenyatta to give statement

Going to buy croissant at his shop doesn’t mean that i cannot brew my own croissant at home.

Dear 8-4-4 See what you have done to us, what is sipping on a croissant? We must demand a refund from the English teachers.

Sipping a croissant and eating some cappuccinos

LMAOO.. Ati croissant ni Illumindazi

Hello people who cant afford ArtCaffe’s delicacies! *sips croissant*”

Croissant ni Mandazi huenda B & W,Mingle and The Circle.

Croissant is just a mandazi with kanye’s ego.

What’s the big deal though? A croissant is just a mandazi that speaks French!

A croissant can easily fit inside Wamalwa’s nose”

Kwanza we’re drinking croissant with mandazi

Sasa uptown wanauza madondo croissant and you’re just here tweeting

And then someone Photoshopped a Wikipedia page to suit our thinking. 

By the way a croissant looks like this.

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