10 Things You Did Not Know About Mshamba

June 14, 2013

1. His dream career was to be a priest until comedy derailed him. 

2. He has extreme fear of heights (Acrophobia). 

3. He has this weird habit of pinching his nose all the time.

4. He was so good at badminton in his high school days that he almost made it to the national Badminton Team.

5. His favorite food is Omena. He can eat omena at any time of the day and with anything. 

6. He loves reading in the toilet. 

7. He cannot stand people who are proud and those who show off. 

8. His first performance back in 1999 won him 50,000Kshs. 

9. Kenya Kona is his greatest accomplishment so far. 

10. He is happiest when he makes people laugh. 

Mshamba is a radio host at Radio Maisha and a leading comedian in the popular Kenya Kona comedy show.

Compiled by Njambi Mungai for Pulse
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