Wahu’s Inspirational Message To Kenyan Mothers

May 16, 2013

“I was 9 years old when me and my mom went to visit a lady upcountry. She had a very humble home, the type that has three stones for a fireplace. That day, the firewood was particularly smoky, and my eyes were irritated and teary so I had to stand by the door to avoid the smoke. Up to date, I’m not sure if she took offense at my innocent action or if she was merely joking, but the words “You shall marry into a home just like this one” came out of her mouth. Of course in Kikuyu it sounds a lot worse. I was shocked. But my mom, firmly and without wavering replied “No she shall not!”

Over the years, I’ve had moments when I thought about these words that the lady said and how my mom spoke firmly in my support, and in my favor. I realized this, and many similar incidences, made me know that mom is firmly and unwaveringly on my side.

I thought about this today as I was putting my daughter to bed. People will speak words over her life, with ill intention or merely jokingly, but either way…I realize that there is power in words. It is my role as her mom to cancel any negative words that are spoken over her, and to constantly remind her that I’m her number one fan her undisputed support, and that I will constantly be firmly and unwaveringly on her side”
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