Singer Marya Attacked on Twitter For Suddenly Getting Fat – Before n After Photo

May 31, 2013

Days after Kiss 100’s Linda Nyangweso was cyber bullied because of her weight, another celebrity yesterday suffered the same fate.
Ogopa Deejays’ Marya was the victim of twitter attacks after a recent photo of her surfaced.

People could not understand how a celebrity can just suddenly get fat and
below are some of the funny tweets.

Marya took madtraxx‘s advice literally… “ita weight aaaa ita weight a!!“”

Bring Marya and Nyengese on Slimpossible. Genius. Tv ratings. Win.

If you listen to Marya’s vocals back then and now you’ll admit she has grown physically

You’re the same people who lied to PK and Martha. RT @_Angell__: Gai guise why now Marya i think she’s awesome”

I have no hate for Marya, i wish her whale.

Marya giving Linda Nyangweso a run for her money….LOL jk, they both can’t run! *slaps knee*

Marya looks like she’s eaten Kalekye.

Nick Mutuma is just a Marya on diet…”

If Marya got married to Mustapha and converted to Islam she’d call herself==>FATuma

They said Marya is the next big thing in our local scene…she took it literally…

 *Sauti sol voice* Marya wangu weee zawadi nono toka mbinguni”

Marya’s Ringtone : Kunona ni kwa muda!!

That evil momment when u send Marya a goodnight text saying ==>Lala unono

Lol Ati Marya Ate her Personality .. HAHAHA

Marya Feat .Nonini and Kalekye – The F is silent

So, do you think Marya’s new shape is justified?

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