Jose Chameleone Wears Sh 1 Million Space Suit During Concert And Nearly Suffocates

May 8, 2013
[Photo||New Vision]

Ugandan rapper Jose Chameleone thought wearing a nearly $13,000 NASA-approved space suit, during his concert late last month, would be a great idea.
He was wrong.
Rather than “make history” for his top-of-the-line $12,700 astronaut wear, Chameleone’s story took a different turn when he almost suffocated inside the costume. The suit ended up being a walking death trap– which he found out during the set.
Not long after hitting the stage, Chameleone couldn’t breathe inside the headpiece because there was no oxygen pumping through it (which is a necessity). Once he freed his dome, the Ugandan rhymer ran into another problem: he couldn’t really move.
Defeated, Chameleone decided to pull the plug on the operation but forgot the instructions on how to remove the suit. He nearly suffocated as the heat inside the suit began to rise.
No word on how he managed to escape, but according to a report from the concert, he was able to rock the crowd well past midnight.
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