From Andrew to Audrey… Transgender Man Sues KNEC

May 29, 2013

Audrey Mbugua, born Andrew Mbugua has sued the Attorney General and the Kenya National Examinations Council, in what may go down as a landmark case.

Mbugua seeks to change his name, re-issuance of certificates and identity documents reflective of the new gender. He accuses KNEC of discrimination, by refusing to oblige to the request.
The petitioner sat for KCSE as a male candidate, and the certificate subsequently recorded as Andrew. The petitioner was said to be suffering from a gender identity disorder, exhibited symptoms related to trans-sexualism and is yet to undergo organ realignment.

Mbugua wants the authorities to recognize the changed status, reflect it on the national identity card and passport.

The petitioner further accuses KNEC of giving ‘false hop’ that it will act on the matter. “The council’s refusal had also caused her to suffer distress and depression due to the daily stigma of being unable to secure employment,” an affidavit read in part.
The court set August 6 as the date for compliance confirmation.

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