First World Problems Land In Nairobi – Nairobi’s Largest Burger To Be Eaten Tonight

May 14, 2013

This evening, Brew Bistro and Lounge will be hosting their first Burger Challenge. Participants will go head to head to determine who can eat Nairobi’s Largest Burger.
This will be happening today and every Tuesday from 7pm.

Participants will follow seven simple steps. 
Step 1 Choose your burger Step 2 Choose your temperature Step 3 Choose your ‘cheese selection’ Step 4 Choose your toppings Step 5 Choose your ‘premium toppings’ Step 6 Choose your sauce(s) Step 7 Choose a side(s)

Then there’s the challenging part. A customer will have a massive foot-tall beef burger, with 5 beef patties. You will be required to finish this 1.5 kg of burger in just under 60 minutes. Plus it does not come alone. Accompanying it are a cone full of hand cut fries and a pitcher of beer.
If the customer fails to finish all these in 1 hour, he/she will be charged Sh 5000.
If they beat the time however, they win a ‘Brew Bistro Hamper’ (Beer Mug, Packet of Coffee, branded pen, branded bottle opener, a voucher for 5000 KES and a Beer Miles Platinum Card) and the burger, fires and pitcher will be on Brew.

Tonight, Capital FM’s writer Susan Wong will go head to head with Eat Out Kenya CEO Mikul Shah. 
Talk of first world issues.

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